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Giving Presentations: Dealing with Fears, Planning your Presentation, Structuring Your Presentation

Work on identifying and resolving your fears, Make sure you practice your speech, Public Speaking, presentation: Beginning, Body, Conclusion.

Dealing with fear

Work on identifying and resolving your fears

The fear of public speaking is pretty common, but not everyone experiences it the same way. The fear manifests differently for different people.

Knowing how you feel about public speaking is very important because the first step to conquering your public speaking anxiety is identifying what makes you so nervous. Now is the time to honestly examine your actions and ask yourself what it is about public speaking that bothers you. Are you anxious about speaking in public? It is only after you discover the cause of your fear that you can properly take steps to overcome it.

To find a solution, it is always important to identify the problem. It is possible that you found a way to overcome the fear of public speaking if you had been looking for one. You may have even discovered some useful tricks and tips, like practicing your presentation like crazy and doing breathing exercises. You must understand that if you are really interested in getting over your fear, you must work on it from the inside out. You must know what you are working on from the beginning if you are going to succeed.

Make sure you practice your speech

Public speaking is feared mostly because people are afraid of making a mistake. Practice allows you to get comfortable giving your speech or presentation.

You may be presenting information that confuses your audience, or you might be presenting information about which you're not very knowledgeable. By doing that, you can find ways to strengthen your weak spots before anyone else points them out. Be proactive in taking preventative measures so that you don't make errors and save yourself from stress.

Public Speaking

Although it sounds crazy, it's true. Have you ever spoken in public before? And if yes, then how have you handled it? Is exposure therapy something you've heard of before? The practice helps people overcome their fears by using behavioral therapy. Basically, the solution is to avoid what you are afraid of in order to reduce feelings of fear, but it can end up making your fear worse in the long run. So, what individuals do is that they gradually expose themselves to the source of their fear over a period of time in a safe environment. As a result, individuals are able to verify that their fears are unfounded, which allows them to better cope with them. An exposure therapy tip would be similar to this. By not being afraid to speak in public, you will be able to conquer your fear of public speaking.

This can work, but you have to do it gradually and in a safe environment. Take small steps. It is okay to present something or make a speech before people you trust, such as family members or friends. Get a larger audience for your presentation once you have become comfortable with it. Go at your own pace when it comes to facing your fears. It's okay to take your time since what you're trying to achieve is positive experiences with public speaking. Be careful not to unwittingly undo all your hard work by moving up a tier before you're ready.

Planning your presentation

Careful planning is required for a successful presentation. Plan a successful presentation by following these steps:
  • Plan a successful presentation by following these steps: Do you have any knowledge of it? Why are you presenting this? Why are you presenting it? To whom are you presenting it?
  • Learn more about your topic by researching it, and then use examples and statistics to support your argument.
  • Organize your thoughts. Outline your argument.
  • Draft your paper.
  • Plan any visual aids you would like your audience to see, such as PowerPoint slides or any activities you would like them to participate in
  • Be sure to practice! Your presentation shouldn't be exceedingly long, so make sure you edit it if necessary.

Structuring your presentation

Organizing a presentation properly with a beginning, middle, and end is key.


A good presentation starts from the beginning! The first few seconds of your presentation are a chance for you to grab the audience's attention and start things off right.
  • Make your presentation memorable. You can use an attention-getting statement. You can use a variety of techniques to grab your audience's attention, such as asking a provocative question, drawing an intriguing picture, providing a real-life story or example related to your topic, sharing a shocking statistic, sharing an inspiring quote, and playing a video.
  • Let's begin by introducing ourselves and the topic we will be discussing
  • Submit a brief outline of your presentation.


  • Organize your thoughts in a logical sequence
  • If you are moving from one point to another, you should make sure your audience is aware of it.
  • Provide examples to support what you are saying


  • Provide a summary of the main points
  • For now, please don't provide any additional information, but if you have any additional questions, please share them immediately.
  • As you conclude your presentation, you should inform your audience.
  • End your presentation without saying, "that's it!" or apologizing for it
  • Invite questions from the audience and thank them for listening
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