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Assay of Ascorbic acid

Learn how to determine the assay of Ascorbic acid using Iodine solution and Starch as indicator.

Reagents Required:

1.0M Sulfuric acid
0.05M Iodine


Weigh accurately about 0.1 gm of sample and dissolve in a mixture of 100 ml freshly boiled and cooled water and 25 ml of 1M sulfuric acid. Immediately titrate with 0.05M iodine, using starch solution as indicator until a persistent blue-violet color is obtained. Each ml of 0.05M iodine is equivalent to 0.008806 gm of ascorbic acid.


                                      BR X Actual molarity X 0.008806 X 100
% of Ascorbic acid =  ----------------------------------------------------
                                                         0.05 X Wt. of Sample
BR= Burette Reading

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