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SOP for Ultrasonic Cleaner

Standard operating procedure of ultrasonic cleaner used to clean the glassware in quality control.


To lay down the procedure for operation of ultrasonic cleaner.


This SOP shall be applicable to Quality Control Dept.


Quality Control Supervisor


Sr. Manager Quality Assurance


5.1 Operation

5.1.1 Ensure that the mains supply available for the cleaner is single phase.
5.1.2 Confirm that all the controls (Ultrasonic and temperature) are on the "OFF" position before connecting the ultrasonic cleaner to a properly earthed socket.
5.1.3 Do not switch on any controls when the tank is empty.
5.1.4 Fill the tank with cleaning liquid. The minimum liquid level should be 50 mm above tank bottom and maximum level approximately 50 mm below the upper edge of the tank.
5.1.5 Do not put the inflammable solution (e.g. Petrol, Benzene, Acetone, alcohol etc.) and strong acids in Ultrasonic cleaner when the heater is in use.
5.1.6 Switch "ON" Ultrasonic cleaner by the Ultrasonic control.
5.1.7 The temperature knob for temperature control is within the Instrument Cabinet. The heater’s "ON" position is indicated by the glowing of the pilot lamp.
5.1.8 Ensure that after use, Sonicator should be properly disconnected from mains switch.
5.1.9 If the cleaning liquid is no longer usable, then the Ultrasonic cleaner should be disconnected from mains supply to drain cleaning liquid via the tap or by suitable beaker.

5.2 Precaution

5.2.1 Ensure that basket and all joints and connections of the instrument are O.K. and without any leakage. (i.e. water, current etc.)
5.2.2 Visually check that the effect of the Ultrasonic Cleaner on the solution is satisfactory.
5.2.3 Check the heater indicator light thermostat temperature against standard thermometer and record the difference.
5.2.4 If any deviations are observed hang the tag “Out of Order” and call the party or service engineer.


6.1 Standard Operating Procedure

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