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SOP for Proper Disposal of Expired Finished Goods

Standard operating procedure to dispose of expired finished goods.


       To lay down a procedure for proper disposal of expired finished goods.

2.0  SCOPE: 

       This SOP shall be applicable for proper disposal of expired finished goods at BSR.


       Stores Executive/Officer


       Head of Department


5.1  Intimation given by Store department for Expiry of Finished goods to Central Excise Department ,along with application stating the details of products i.e. name of products, Batch Number, Mfg date, Expiry date & qty. to be destroyed & proportionate Cenvat Credit to be reversed in cenvat register.
5.2  The stocks will be transferred from unrestricted area to Rejected area.
5.3  QA/QC Shall transfer such stocks to Block Area in SAP system, then the BSR person will transfer physically the same in Rejected Room.
5.4  After getting approval from Central Excise Department, destruction Note shall be prepared.
5.5  Destruction will be carried out in presence of Store Person & QA Department.
5.6  Expired Finished Goods is destroyed as per SOP for destruction of material.
5.7  Original copy of destruction note sent to Account department for their records.


6.1  SOP – Standard operating procedure
6.2  QA – Quality assurance
6.3  HOD – Head of department

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