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Calibration of Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Learn how to calibrate the Halogen Moisture Analyzer.
Balance should be turned ON half an hour before calibration.
Level the balance to the exact horizontal position. The level indicator should be positioned precisely in the middle of the crosshairs. Adjust this with the help of three leveling screws (one at the right-hand side in front and two in the rear side)
Balance should show 0.000

Internal calibration (Adjustment of Balance)

Press the “Menu” key twice to access Menu.
Use << Scroll up >> and << Scroll down >> keys and select “W.CAL” option from the menu.
Use << Scroll up >> and << Scroll down >> keys and select “YES”.
Press << Accept entry>> key (¿) to start the adjustment process. The sample chamber opens automatically.
The display will flash the test weight (i.e. 50.000)
Place the adjustment weight of 50.000 g in the middle of the pan and the weight will be recorded automatically.
The instrument will store the recorded value and the display will flash “WCAL 0.000” as soon as the display is flashed remove the adjustment weight.
Press the “Print” key from the front panel to take a print of balance adjustment
Sign on Balance adjustment print and use the weight from that report for calculation.
From the recorded weight calculate the % Deviation using below-mentioned formula:

                          [Recorded Weight (g) – Actual Weight (g)] x 100
% Deviation = -----------------------------------------------------------------
                                              Actual Weight (g)
Express the % deviation up to three decimal places.


± 0.1% of the actual weight.

Internal Calibration (Adjustment of Heating Module)

Adjustment of Heating Module shall be carried out using Temperature adjustment set. The temperatures used for adjustment should cover the entire range of heating module.


Internal calibration (Balance adjustment) shall be performed once in a month.
Internal Calibration (Adjustment of Heating Module) shall be performed once in six months, by an external agency.
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Internal Calibration Report
Instrument No:                                                                        
SOP No.:     

Standard Weight (g)
Actual Weight (g)
Tolerance Maximum (g)
Tolerance Minimum (g)

Recorded Weight (g)
Deviation (%)

The instrument Complies / Does not comply as per the calibration procedure.
Next calibration to be performed on:

Done by
Checked by

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