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SOP for Cleaning and Operation of BOD Incubator (30°C - 35°C)

Standard operating procedure to clean the BOD Incubator (30°C - 35°C).


To ensure that the incubator performs satisfactorily and maintains accurate temperature for the growth of Microorganisms.


This SOP is applicable for the Procedure for operation of BOD incubator (30°C- 35°C)


Microbiologist - Quality Control


Manager- Quality Control


5.1 General cleaning procedure

5.1.1 Ensure that the power supply to the incubator is switched OFF.
5.1.2 De-dust the incubator daily externally with a clean dry cloth.
5.1.3 Once in a week remove adhered dust by wet mopping using soap solution. Afterwards wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth to remove the moisture.
5.1.4 Mop the interior surfaces with a clean dry cloth daily.

5.2 Operating Procedure

5.2.1 Ensure that the incubator is properly connected to the power supply.
5.2.2 Switch ‘ON’ the main switch and then the cabinet switch.
5.2.3 Set the required temperature to 32.5 °C by pressing the 'set knob and soft keys.
5.2.4 Monitor the temperature daily as per following procedure.
5.2.5 Temperature shall be recorded which is displayed on LCD of controller of incubator.
5.2.6 Observe the temperature shown on digital display. The temperature should not differ by ±2 °C.
5.2.7 Temperature of incubator having online printer shall be recorded in printout chart.
5.2.8 Take the print out on monthly basis.
5.2.9 If the online recording system is not working properly inform Manager-QC and put 'Out of Order' label, in this condition only fill the manual record as per format.
5.2.10 Once the printer is rectified, a comment shall be written on the printout for the gap period.
5.2.11 Report any discrepancy observed during operation or temperature monitoring to Manager-QC.
5.2.12 Inform to Engineering Department for rectification and put the status label of 'Under Maintenance'.
5.2.13 Maintain the incubator usage log.


6.1 SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
6.2 No. - Number
6.3 QA - Quality Assurance
6.4 CCF - Change control format
6.5 QC - Quality Control
6.6 NA - Not Applicable
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