Dimensions of Hard Gelatin Capsule Shells : Pharmaceutical Guidelines

Dimensions of Hard Gelatin Capsule Shells

Know the different sizes and dimensions of hard gelatin capsule shells used in Pharmaceuticals.
Size TableHard Gelatin Capsule Shells normally used for the incorporation of medicaments are cylindrical in shape but other shapes are also formed for special requirements. The shells of the capsules consists of two prefabricated cylindrical sections, one end of which is rounded and the other is open. 

The shells are of various sizes, usually designated by different numbers, 5 being the smallest and 000 the largest. Shells of sizes 0 to 4 are commonly use. The dimensions of hard gelatin capsule shells tend to vary with the content of moisture in them and the conditions under which they are stored or to which they are exposed. The chemical composition of the shells also influences the extent to which exposure to heat and moisture affects the dimensions.

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Nevertheless, the conventional dimensions (outside diameter, length and the double wall thickness) of the capsule shells of sizes 0 to 4 are provided in the table 1,2, and 3 for the guidance of users. It should be noted that any measurement of reasonable accuracy can be made only under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity. A temperature between 20° and 25° and a relative humidity between 45 per cent and 55 per cent are recommended.

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