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Dear Visitor, has started the publication of guest articles on website. These articles will be published on and thousands of visitors shall read your article daily and you will get fame.

If you have articles, research papers, news or other useful information about pharmaceuticals that you want to publish on this site. Send it to us. This will be published with your own name on home page of site.

Your articles should be related to any of the pharmaceuticals topic such as validation, qualification, calibration, cGMP, coating, compression, granulation, sterile filling, analytical method validation, process validation, HVAC, microbiology, QC, QA etc.
Article should not be copied from internet otherwise will not be published.

Why Submit Article?
1. Share your knowledge:
Here you can share your knowledge and thinking about pharmaceutical with the pharma world. It will help you to enhance your knowedge in pharma field.
2. Improve your Resume:
To get publish an article is not a small thing. It will help to boost up your resume to get your dream job.
3. Get more trafic:
We allow you to add one website link and one facebook link with your articles, thus when readers will read your articles on this site, they will click on your provided links to visit your Website/Profile Page.

Send articles to - [email protected]
Published Article List :
1. Cleaning and Disinfection of a Newly Purified water system before Start Up by Mr. Ibrahim Hashim
2. Cleaning Validation Protocol by Mr. M. Fakhir Khaleeq
3. Cleaning Validation Sample Protocol by Md. Abdul Bake
4. Cleaning and Housekeeping Procedure in Pharmaceuticals by Md. Abdul Bakeand Md. Zubair Khalid Labu
5. Pharmaceutical Water by Md. Abdul Bake, Md. Zubair Khalid Labu and Khurshid Jahan
6. Impurity Profiling of Drug Substances in Pharmaceuticals by J. RAMANAND BABU
8. Skill Matrix- Evaluation of Training in Pharmaceutical by M. Fakhir Khaleeq
9. Cleaning Validation Protocol for Sample Containers by K. Ramachandran
10. Pharmaceutical Formulation Questions and Answers by Basel .S. Hejazi
11. Pharmaceutical Execipents and Their Suggested Quantities by Basel Hejazi
12. Performance Qualification of Isolator System by Alluri Sitaramaraju
13. Preparation of Annual Product Review by I.L Bhawani Chandra
14. Analytical Method Validation Protocol by M. Fakhir Khaleeq

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