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SOP for Issuance, Maintenance & Disposal of HPLC / GC Columns

Standard operating procedure of issuance, maintenance & disposal of HPLC and GC columns


To lay down the procedure for issuance, maintenance & dispose of HPLC / GC Column.

2.0 SCOPE:

This SOP shall be applicable for use of new column and, maintenance and retrieval of old HPLC/GC columns.


3.1 QC Executives/officer indent and retrieval of column




5.1 Indent & usages of new HPLC column

5.1.1 QC executive shall indent the required HPLC/GC column and send to purchase department for procurement after approval of Head QC/QA.
5.1.2 QC person shall receive the new column & verified the physical verification of column against indent, bill.
5.1.3 QC person shall condition the column as per define procedure & check the performance of new column as following step after conditioning of column: Wash the Column with 100% with degas Solvent such as HPLC grade Methanol /Acetonitrile for 30 min. Wash the Column 100% with degas HPLC /filtered & degas distilled water up to 30 min. Wash the Column with 60:40 ratio of degas TKA/Milli Q water and solvent up to 30 min. Now check the performance of column as per given method prescribe & directed by manufacturer provide with column OR check the performance of column with the first injection of standard, should be meet the system suitability criteria as given in respective method of analysis of the product. Chiral Column to be the condition as per manufactures guidelines. Washing or conditioning of proteinus, silica-based or chiral column should not be used water, a ratio of low polarity solvent & water can be used for conditioning of this type of column or as per method directed by the manufacturer.
5.1.4 QC person shall assign I.D.No. of the column if the performance of column found satisfactory.
5.1.5 QC person shall take the entry of new column in issuance and destruction register & acknowledge receipt and send the duplicate copy to purchase dept if the performance of column found satisfactory.
5.1.5 If the performance of column does not meet with in-house/ manufacturer criteria then immediately inform to QC HOD, purchase department and supplier to replace the column.

5.2 Performance and regeneration of in-use column

5.2.1 Analyst shall rewash the column with 100% degas water 1hr & then the ratio of water & solvent (60:40 water: solvent) 1 to 2 hour if performance or system suitability of column fails during routine analysis.
5.2.2 QC person shall check the performance of column after washing with the first injection of standard as per given method of analysis, should be meet the system suitability criteria as given in method of analysis of the respective product.
5.2.3 Column to be regenerated if found poor performance after rewash with Acetonitrile/ Methanol/ THF/ Butanol/ IPA as per requirement & description of the column and then wash with 60:40 Ratio of degas water: solvent 1-2 hr.
5.2.4 For Protein us column regenerated with 50:25:25 ratio of Water: IPA: Ethanol up to 30 min and then 80:20 ratio of water: acetonitrile up-to 20min and chiral column to be re-generate with Ethanol/Hexane or as directed by manufacturer/supplier
5.2.5 QC Head shall retrieve and dispose failure old column with detail entry in issuance and Destruction register and take in own custody to avoid reuse of column if it is not meeting the criteria of tailing factor, theoretical plates, resolution, fronting, splitting/ damage etc.
5.2.6 After disposal of old column QC head issue the new column with given identification number of new column.

5.3 For GC column

5.3.1 Follow the same procedure for indent & issue of the column as mentioned in receipt of HPLC column.
5.3.2 Condition the issued new column up to 4-5 hour at 220°C oven temperature and calculate the theoretical plate and resolution of the column should comply as given criteria in the method of analysis.
5.3.3 Immediate inform to QC manager if not meet the performance given by manufacturer /supplier.

5.4 Cleaning and maintenance of column during analysis

5.4.1 Analyst shall wash the in-use column with degassing distilled water after every analysis up to 45 min and then 30 min wash with the ratio of 60:40 water: solvent (solvent use whichever used in testing).
5.4.2 If using a high concentration of buffer during analysis then wash the column by filtered 50°c hot water & then 100ml with degas solvent.
5.4.3 Analyst shall ensure that column should wash with a mixture of methanol/ acetonitrile or acetonitrile & methanol or as per the specification recommended by the manufacturer if store for a long time.

5.5 Precautions

How to protect LC column
  • Degassed solvents, water and mobile phase should be used. 
  • Use clean filters. 
  • Flush several volumes of 100% methanol (or similar) through the HPLC system after water washing a prior to shutting down. 
  • Clean pump, Injector loop and syringe with hot water in twice a week. 
  • Filter sample to be injected to avoid deposition of contamination at column end. 
  • The column should store at room temp. 
  • Protect the column from knocks and bumps 

5.6 Discard of HPLC / GC column

5.6.1 Discard the column if it is not meeting the criteria of Tailing factor, theoretical plates, Resolution, Fronting, Splitting/ damage etc.
5.6.2 QC person shall make the entry in the Column Issuance and Destruction record
5.6.3 Discarded columns shall be kept separately and affixed to the label as “Discarded column-Do not Use”.


6.1 QA: Quality Assurance
6.2 QC: Quality Control
6.3 HPLC: High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
6.4 GC: Gas Chromatography
6.5 HOD: Head of Department
6.6 SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
6.7 IPA: Iso propyl Alcohol
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